Code Protection

Code Protection

Code Protection

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Code protection

Food supplement based on plant extracts

Ingredients: Fructose syrup, concentrated spagyric extract of: Lentinula edodes fruiting body, Agaricus blazei fruiting body, Grifola frondosa fruiting body, Ganoderma lucidum fruiting body, Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body, Gluconate of Zinco. Essential oils of: Melaleuca alternifolia, Boswellia, Thymus vulgaris, Cinnamomum camphora. flower essences: Clematis, Aspen, Green Spider Orchid.

DNA has always been the subject of research and speculation. 

According to some it represents the crucible of every "transformation": the Alchemical Fire within us. It creates and maintains our identity, our "divine" uniqueness. It represents the tuning fork that resonates of the Cosmic Energies and therefore is our "auric tuner". In some ways it can be assimilated to the essence of the Divine that is in us and that makes every man a co-creator of his own reality. 

According to others it promotes the rooting of our inner Warrior, forging his shining armor. It represents a particle accelerator, present in every cell. 

According to the M.T.C. is the beating heart of the Front Sky harmonized by Vase Conception. Meeting point between physical memory and spiritual memory: crossroads between astral body, rational mind and Spirit. It is therefore the most precious thing we have but, at the same time, it is our "Achilles' heel".  


a) Chemical substances such as pesticides, herbicides but also pharmacologically active substances 

b) Everything that induces stimulation of the Immune System

c) Electromagnetic fields, WiFi, micro-waves

d) Heavy metals

e) Uncontrolled power supply and more...
FEAR generates frustration and a sense of helplessness, disorientation and bewilderment. Something inevitable "is out there", impalpable but fearfully “real".

You can feel it, but you can’t see it.
We often feel a pervasive sense of FEAR: we always feel on the verge of being overwhelmed by something that will be impossible to stem and that seriously alarms our safety and makes "our" territory, with the fear of not being able to protect themselves and their family. These "blocked" emotions permeate the interstitial matrix (altering the action of hormones, the function of nutrients, oxygenation, the function of the Immune).

The Organs that most will take charge of this precious work of "detoxification" are Liver, Kidneys and CNS. In the formulation of the code protection the nuclei of the remedy have as objective a rebalancing and a harmonization of these functions to all the levels.

Physiological effect: promotes the body's natural defence

Remedy nuclei: MycoAgaricus, MycoCordyceps, MycoMaitake, MycoReishi, MycoShitake, Tserufim 27, Tserufim 43, Tserufim 49, Poiesis 12, Poiesis 39

Posology: 10gtt, 2 times a day

Format: 30ml gtt